#6: From CS best practices to converting with videos

In this edition of #NewThingsinCustomerEducation, we talk about some obvious and some not so obvious best practices for customer success and how video content can increase conversions.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Emily Byford, talks about 7 proven SaaS Customer Success best practices. (Source: Help Scout Blog)

What is it about: The piece starts with defining what CS is, goes on to talk about why is it important and finally sheds light on 7 best practices that go from laying onboarding as well as off-boarding processes to making CS teams easy to get in touch with.

What we learned after reading the piece: The ultimate goal of CS is to make customers successful when using the product, improving customer retention, reducing churn, and increasing LTV.

If you’re a small, early-stage SaaS company, your existing customers should be your first priority. Understand what they need to be successful first to improve retention and reduce churn. Then, you can expand your focus across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition and onboarding to upselling or off-boarding.

Our thoughts: After talking to hundreds of SaaS professionals we have come to realise that onboarding is the single most consequential event in the customer journey. We have seen numbers like “90% of the customers who don’t complete the onboarding process are not going to renew in the next cycle”.

What do you guys think?


⌗2.Victor Blasco, CEO at Yum Yum Videos, talks about how your business can use Video Content to increase Conversions. (Source: Customer Think)

What is it about: The blog talks about different types of video content one can explore for their business, from company story to educational content.

What we learned after reading the piece: Everyone loves video content but if you want to nurture prospects and win them over, it’s paramount to understand how and when to use each type of video. Pay special attention to what specific goals they can help you achieve.

However, as effective and popular videos can be, they are only as good as the marketing strategy you create around them. Hence, without proper planning and purpose, you’ll end up wasting time, money, and efforts.

Our thoughts: We are bullish on video content not just because we are in that business but because we have seen them work. Video content works a 1000x better than anything else, any day any time.
If you are not leveraging them you are most probably losing out.