#5: From gamifying onboarding to customer journey to product surveys

In this edition of #NewThingsinCustomerEducation we talk about how you can gamify your onboarding, the 4 steps to build your customer journey and building the ultimate product survey.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Onboarding Gamification – a 4 Step Formula to Gamify Your User Onboarding and Double Your Activation Without Coding. (Source: Userpilot Blog)

What is it about: The blog talks about adding elements like points or badges that make the experience more fun or competitive. It goes further into why and how we should add them in 4 steps.

It goes on to talk about how SalesFlare, ProdPad, and Platformly all managed to achieve higher activation and engagement rates with gamified onboarding.

What we learned after reading the piece: Gamifying the onboarding of a product lets us bring value to those customers faster – and in a more painless way.

But we also need to watch for red flags like when large portions of our new users aren’t coming close to our activation points.

Our thoughts: It’s a known fact that customers who don’t complete the onboarding process are more likely to churn out. Companies that look to make onboarding for their customers fun can achieve higher completion rates in their onboarding and in turn higher chance of retention.


⌗2. 4 Steps to Build Your Customer Journey. (Source: ClientSuccess Blog)

What is it about: The 4 steps mentioned are onboarding, adoption, renewal and growth. While onboarding is about making a great first impression, growth is about using different metrics like NPS and SuccessScore to monitor account health and then working with account managers to grow the accounts in value.

What we learned after reading the piece: Even though all customer accounts are different a customer success manager’s relationship with a customer account doesn’t just begin and end at random. A CSM manages and owns a customer account throughout their entire partnership.

Many times, situations in which a customer becomes upset or frustrated can be attributed to a CSM not having a clear plan in place for transitioning between these different stages.

Our thoughts: As team looks ahead to 2021, now is the perfect time to reconsider customer journeys and build more customer-centric stages. A data driven approach can help make decision faster and better.


⌗3. Jared Cornell, Customer Support Expert at ProProfs, talks about 7+ Product Survey Questions for the Ultimate Product Survey. (Source: ProProfs Blog)

What is it about: The blog explores asking questions like “What product would you use as an alternative if our product was not available in the market?” to identify competitiors.

It even goes on to talk about how to design the product surveys in 4 easy steps.

What we learned after reading the piece: Creating a successful product isn't just about being the most innovative product in the market, case in point Google Glass or Facebook Phone, it's about ensuring that the product is embraced by customers even as their needs evolve and demands change.

The truth is that the product team alone cannot decide the success of the product. We need to tap into customer opinions and directly ask them what they like and what they don't.

Our thoughts: Having well defined product survey questions not only help in measuring metrics like NPS but also find what is pulling them down.
An organisation usually wins when they keep their ears open.