#4: From trends in online learning and customer success to leveraging feedback

Happy New Year everyone. In this edition of #NewThingsinCustomerEducation we talk about new trends shaping up in 2021 and how you can leverage feedback while building products.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Irit Eizips, CEO and Chief Customer Officer at CSM Practice, talks about Customer Service trends to expect in 2021. (Source: UserIQ Blog)

What is it about: With obvious points of talking being year 2 of COVID and how it is going to be moving forward, the interview touches upon how will CEOs view customer success, what will budgets look like and should software companies start charging for CS services.

What we learned after reading the piece: “Whether you had an amazing year or a rough year, you’re going to double down on retaining customers…If you don’t take care of it, your competitors will.” This was the only comment that stuck and will be our key takeaway from the whole converstaion.

(If you want to learn how you can win your CEO over for CS budget, we covered a piece in a previous edition. )

Our thoughts: Winning new customers will be hard but retaining existing ones can be harder or easier depending on your CS efforts. If you don’t do something about your CS strategy you will very well see the renewals for 2021 going down.

Our answer: Educate your customers and set them up for success.


⌗2. 5 trends shaping the future of online training software. (Source: Walkme Blog)

What is it about: The blog talks about 5 trends they see shaping up. Just-in-time learning, contextualized learning, personalization, practical skills vs. broad knowledge and data-driven training will make online training platforms even common in tomorrow’s workplace.

What we learned after reading the piece: Providing learnings when (just-in time), to who (contextualised and personalised) and about what (practical and broad skills) are being taken care of with the help of data.

Our thoughts: We are very bullish on learning and education in 2021. Companies that look to educate their customers will spend way lesser time on servicing and support, than those who won’t.
So optimise your education and training at the start of the year.


⌗3. Valentin Huang, CEO and co-founder at Harvestr, talks about leveraging customer feedback to build the best product. (Source: Freshdeskk Blog)

What is it about: The blog talks about a four step process on incorporating customer feedback into the product roadmap.

What we learned after reading the piece: It starts with identifying your customer feedback channels , building a central customer feedback repository to then prioritizing feedback and customer problems in your product roadmap and finally closing the loop with your customers to deliver an amazing customer experience.

“Life’s too short to build something nobody wants.”

Our thoughts: There’s usually asynchronus communication between departments. So to first integrate customer feedback in product we need to integrate the departments responsible for the two. The departments’ north star metrics should all align with the company’s true objective- building a killer product.