#3: From asking better questions to WordPress courses

Happy holidays everyone. In this edition of #NewThingsinCustomerEducation we talk about how you can ask better questions for better decision making and WordPress' move to focus on Customer Education.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. John Cutler, Head of Product Education at Amplitude, talks about how you can ask better questions to help your team make better decisions. (Source: Amplitude Blog)

What is it about: The blog talks about a brainstorming approach to form questions which impact decisions, which in turn impact performance.

What we learned after reading the piece: A broad to specific approach can be looked at for a performance-decision-question pairing. This will not only help to get insights on “where a button should be placed“ but also the direction a company should head in.

While we can’t and shouldn’t instrument everything but one instrumented event with the help of good questions can unlock a long-tail of insights  

Our thoughts: All our decisions are based on assumptions and these assumptions can be strengthened or weakened by asking questions. A question shouldn’t be ruled out because it seems silly. Good questions tend to come from silly questions only.


Updates of the week

⌗1. WordPress.com Launches New Courses With A Focus On Customer Education (Source: AIthority)

Our thoughts: We might be reading too much into the news but the fact that WordPress launched a podcasting course along with their blogging course makes us think that WordPress has also realised that podcasts are the next big thing.

While the podcasting for beginners course is priced at $99, the blogging for beginners goes at $49.