#26: From client onboarding to customer education

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we talk about the best client onboarding ideas for SaaS, strategies followed by brands, and how to structure your customer education.

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Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Anastasia Sukhareva from Dashly, shares top client onboarding trends in SaaS. (Source: Dashly Blog)

What is it about: Anastasia shares her analysis of practices followed by brands such as Leadgen App, Slack, Mobile Monkey and Grammarly in effortless customer onboarding.

What we learned :One of the most important aspects of offering a great user experience in a SaaS tool is onboarding. You want to be able to provide the tools that make taking the required actions during the first log-in session very simple.

The easier you make it for your customers to do something, the likelier it is that they will do it. Eliminating friction breaks down the barriers preventing your customers from doing what you want them to do. Following a data driven approach can allow you to hyper-personalise for your users and have a better onboarding experience.

Our thoughts:  It's so crucial to instil confidence in our new users by not just enabling them with everything they would need, but also letting them know that you are available and that they may reach out with any queries or roadblocks. Onboarding should be done in a simple, straight-forward manner.

⌗1. CustomerEducation.org organised an event on The ONE Thing: What's the Next BIG Trend in Customer Education?

What is it about: This event featured talks from top executives of Intellum, Thought Industries, Docebo, Thinkific, Skilljar and PeopleGrove, about their view on what was the next big thing in Customer Education.

What we learned : Here are the important pointers-

  • The popular vote for the next biggest trend in Customer Education went to “In-Product Education”, “Certification” and “Outcome demonstrating metrics”.

  • Vicky Kennedy, CSO at Intellum shared how the user trends are tied closely to a real world utilization and backed by data.

  • Danel Quick, VP of Learning Strategies at Thought Industries share the The Kirkpatrick+ model of training evaluation and how to create and measure a customer health score

  • Final votes for the learnings from the event went to setting new goals, tell a better story and focus on the fundamentals but have a plan for the future

Our thoughts: Understand your SaaS product and how users interact with it. This should give you some insight into how to structure your customer education courses. To validate your views and improve your system, educate on social media and create data-driven courses to make them more engaging and to improve uptake rates.

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