#25: From customer experience to customer education

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we talk about enhancing user experience, empowering your customers, educating them and how these can help you boost customer success

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Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Hassan Uddeen outlines how customer success and experience managers can enhance customer experience (CX) through training (Source: Totara blog)

What is it about: Hassan discusses why improving customer experience is so important today and how training can really improve customer success rates. He also dives quite deep into 5 ideas of improving customer experience.

 What we learned : Stellar onboarding programs can be super valuable for customer success. Great customer experience breeds loyalty and distinguishes a brand from its competitors. Organizations do a poor job of fostering a great customer experience. Customer training and success teams are positioned to improve customer experience in their own unique ways.

Every stage in the customer journey impacts customer loyalty, and how customers talk about your brand online as well as offline. Through customer training, your organization raises the frequency of positive and valuable touchpoints that customers experience to improve brand perception and user satisfaction.

Our thoughts:  Through customer training, your organization raises the frequency of positive and valuable touchpoints that customers experience to improve brand perception and user satisfaction.

While many assume that you need a large team or budget to build a customer community, this isn’t always the case. You just need to focus on what’s important, be it improving experience, sharing knowledge and content, empowering your employees or even finding your most valuable customers.

This simultaneously attracts attention towards new features, encourages customers to use them and continually raises the perceived value of your product.

Best Watches of the week

⌗1.Stephen Cornwell and Tara Martell share their experiences in customer education and their insights to use customer education to power customer success. (Source: Saastr)

What is it about: Northpass’ CEO & Founder, Steve Cornwell, and BambooHR’s VP of Customer Experience, Tara Martell, discuss why customer education has become a must for today's B2B brands. They go ahead to explain how a learning-powered initiative has been a key driver of product and feature uptake, as well as enhancing customer retention

What we learned : Customer Education is such a powerful growth lever because unlike almost every other business process and growth initiative out there, education can enhance your customers experience with their brand with your brand across their entire journey with you.

As we all know customer education can serve as a huge way to decrease onboarding time. Customers will will become brand ambassadors of your product and of your service, which will just continue to fuel, you know that brand awareness and help you grow your business.

There's just a huge opportunity for every SaaS company small and large to get going with customer education programmes and the results show.

Our thoughts:  Customer education has become one of the most powerful and differentiated ways for SaaS companies today to really scale growth, as well as Customer Success initiatives.

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