#24: From customer training maturity to engagement

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we talk about top customer education programs in the industry, inspiring your customers, and using data to drive customer education.

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Best Reads of the week

⌗1. I got together with Brian Childs to create a Customer Training Maturity Report 2021 For G2 Crowd’s Best Software Companies! (Link to the report)

What is it about: We put down dozens of customer training programs from Top Software Companies by G2 Crowd and broke it down into aspects of technical readiness and production readiness. We then mapped down these companies to see common patterns.

What we learned: Brian was able to figure out that we plot these programs on technical and production sophistication axis, we can group them three categories. Namely Scale, Tech ready and Growth programs. Hubspot, Chorus and Rippling fall in these categories respectively.

Now since this is our own report I can’t add much of “Our thoughts”, becuase that would cover the whole report here.

Best Listens of the week

⌗1. Samuel J Cummings III, shares with Dave Derington how to achieve customer success through Inspiration, Cultivation, and Sharing. (Source: #CELABS Podcast)

What is it about: Dave discusses with Sam on how to inspire, cultivate and distribute success as they share how to engage customers by telling relatable stories, grounded by data.

They additionally explore Sam's concept of "b2c-ification", connecting to a discussion that we usually hear in the Customer Success and Customer Education space.

 What we learned : Sam discusses the importance of empathy, learning, and taking time during the discovery phase to better appreciate who you're servicing, understanding what they require, and maximising customer success. 

They discussed social selling and digital selling, but conclude that the human factor is still at the core of these. Sam goes on to point out his techniques to inspire success and lead more people to take on the new practices, frameworks and ideas. 

Our thoughts:  Engaging customers and motivating them is key to customer success. Keeping it simple and capturing things from a data perspective can be really powerful. 

Understand your customers, try to derive insights from your date and encourage them to learn and grow. The discovery phase takes time but this process can help improving the customer journey drastically

Hope you enjoyed reading this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation

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