#20: Why Customer Education is not marketing

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss the realtionship between marketing and customer education.

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Best Read of the week

#1. Vicky Kennedy, CSO at Intellum, shares her views on why marketing and customer education should split up. (Source: Training Industry)

What is it about: Vicky talks about the situation in most companies where marketing takes care of customer education, how that’s not the right strategy and why they would be better off if customer education and marketing are separated.

What we learned: The big reason why marketing and customer education should split up is because of metric conflicts.

While Education is a solution for long term behavior change, when clubbed with marketing the same metrics of reach, engagement and conversion are applied to measure the success of CEd.

Also because of this CEd content is made such that it is able to achieve these goals not help create educated customers.

It’s just not fair.

Our thoughts: In our experience this is v true.

When it comes to customer education teams they want their customers to know about their product in the minutest of detail. There is more focus on use cases, best practices and making the customer more educated than they were before.

But while working with marketing teams for education content we have seen that it is all about quick cuts and impact in brevity.

They are not wrong here. They are trying to get attention in competition infested waters. But one approach works better than the other and you can guess which one it is.

Hope you enjoyed reading this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation

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