#18: From customer training to customer onboarding

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss how you can improve CX with customer training and a comprehensive guide on SaaS onboarding.

Best Reads of the week

#1. Gourav Sinha, Global Product Marketing Leader at Adobe, shares his views on customer experience. (Source: Elearning Industry)

What is it about: Global Enterprises mark customer experience as their leading priority to reduce churn and double their revenues. This article best describes the relationship between CX, User Behavior, and Educational  Content and what Customer training platform features you should look for to deliver CX that translates into repeat business and positive word of mouth.

What we learned: Before onboarding customers, we must identify the business objectives while also focusing on our customers success. LMS that are easy to engage, access and scale and support onboarding and implementation can help companies to effortlessly implement training programs . Down the line we can add or update online training materials/onboarding videos to get quick and convenient access to the information that users need to set up and use products.

Our thoughts: With continuous access to education-based marketing tools, companies can achieve a smooth onboarding experience. Providing value-added content while also promoting products are a good balance. All of these factors contribute to increasing customer satisfaction, which is reflected in customer experience scores.

Want to see an example of a great onboarding video?
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#1. Selman Gokce, Inbound Marketing Specialist of UserGuiding, shares his thoughts on SaaS Onboarding. (Source: UserGuiding blog)

What is it about: The article tries to answer some questions like
What makes onboarding the most crucial part of a user’s journey in SaaS? 
What are the metrics and KPIs to measure SaaS onboarding success/effectiveness? What are the best practices and examples of onboarding in SaaS?

What we learned:  I found a question to ask yourself here that’s quite alarming for businesses that think they have been doing OK without onboarding.

“Do you have a product that is so self-explanatory and simple that users would instantly adopt it?”

If the answer is no, which more oYou need Onboarding to ensure the customer achieves their desired outcome. The result is - Retention!

Our thoughts: The first fortnight your customers get to spend with your product decides if they will continue with you. One way to woo them is to invest in onboarding. The goal is to make your product so easy to use that users fall in love with it and continue to keep upgrading. That’s what onboarding is all about. By focusing on real-world user experiences, you can improve your SaaS onboarding process significantly.

Makes sense?

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