#15: From fostering loyalty to creating video tutorials

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss how one can foster loyalty with personalised customer service and how to create video tutorials in three easy steps.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Oliver Bridge, CMO at Bonjoro, shares 5 tips to foster customer loyalty with personalised customer service. (Source: Bonjoro blog)

What is it about: The article talks about getting to know ones customers through analytics, history and feedback. It also touches on a few generic pointers like giving seamless website experience and having an omnichannel communication. The ones we found the most interesting were adressing customers by their first names and personal messages on the first purchase.

What we learned after reading the piece: Personalization seems to be the way to go about levelling up customer service.
And, while one might know about things like name repetition and live chats, it’s time to think about the more advanced stuff. That includes using customer data to make better decisions and engaging users with more interesting formats to keep them returning to us.

Our thoughts: Personalisation should be personal. We think of personalisation as a message that only applies to the customer in question and no one else. Just addressing by name might not be personalisation but providing a context can play a huge role in effective personalisation.


⌗2. Rishabh Rathi, Startup talky, shares 3 step process to create video tutorials and some examples to go along with them. (Source: Startup Talky)

What is it about: The piece starts with what are video tutorials, why do they work and goes on to the three steps which are
1. Create video tutorials featuring your customer, not your product.
2. Translate every feature into the benefit your customer gets out of it.
3. Motivate your customers with benefits throughout the entire tutorial video

What we learned after reading the piece: Video tutorials can help SaaS a lot. You ask how?
Well for one, they breakdown a complex idea into something simple.
They also make the audience really feel their pain point before addressing them.
Lastly they demand action because listening someone say sign up is more powerful than reading it.

Our thoughts: The piece might feel generic but it works.
Well you know who is the best at video tutorials *drumrolls* it’s Content Beta (Not so subtle plug).
No seriously, we understood how powerful videos are and that’s why we do what we do. More than product demo videos we stress on onboarding videos because reducing churn can be a lot easier and more rewarding than new signups.

Hope you enjoyed reading this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation

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