#14: From a hack to better CX to major news of the week

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss a hack to better customer experience and what is happening in the world of customer education.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. John King, Digital Marketing Technologist at Speedwell, shares a hack to deliver better customer experiences. (Source: Speedwell blog)

What is it about: The article talks abut delivering better customer experience with feedback tools. This can help with retention to a great extent.

One can start from embedded surveys, live chat forms, feedback banners, contact forms, star rating reviews, checkout feedback questionnaires, etc.

What we learned after reading the piece: Some of the benefits of deploying these tools is better real time insights and satisfaction.

But these need to be implemented with metrics like cart abandonment rate, form bounce rate, NPS, sentiment rating in mind.

Feedback tools have various features that can not only improve customer relationships but also the bottom line.

Adobe research has proven that companies that invested in customer experience in 2019 were three times more likely to have significantly exceeded their top business goal.

Our thoughts: Data needs to guide out decisions but more often than not we keep running behind data to validate our already formed decisions. That is what every marketer, customer success and customer education exec needs to remember.

Tools will be just mere tools until we have a great strategy backing them up.

News of the week

#1. Intellum promotes Vicky Kennedy to newly created role of chief strategy officer. (Source)

#2. UserTesting elevates its customer education experience with an integrated university learning environment. (Source)

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