#13: From CEd not leading with product to optimising customer journey to jobseekers

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss what customer education should lead with, optimizing customer journey stages and a jobseekers board to search for potential recruits.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Bill Cushard, GM at Learndot by ServiceRocket, shares why customer education should not lead with product and what it should lead with this instead. (Source: Learndot blog)

What is it about: The piece talks about how product management and customer success are asking the same question and building features that customers want.

It also talks about the instructional design trap that revolves around building new content around a new module and now it almost never addresses customer needs in the context of jobs, gains, and pains.

What we learned after reading the piece: You need to persuade customers that they can acquire value from your training products. 

So we should replace both the “analyze” and “design” steps of the ADDIE instructional design model with value proposition design.

Doing this will immediately help you become more customer focused because you still start thinking about creating value for customers, not instruction.  

Our thoughts: As the article points out too.
The instructional design process, by definition, asks the question, “What do we need to teach customers about our product?”, instead we should ask “What is our customer trying to accomplish?” and build our content over this.

If you are thinking how to do that?
Content Beta can help.


⌗2. Mia Jacobs, Brand Rep at Totango, shares how to optimize customer journey stages to deliver consistent value. (Source: Totango blog)

What is it about: Mia talks about 8 stages in customer journey and how to optimise them.

1. Awareness- When producing content, focus on the value you offer your audience. Using a marketing automation platform can help you increase the efficiency of your content distribution. 

2. Consideration- Seek to deliver enough preliminary value to persuade prospects of the value of investing in a free trial.

3. Conversion- A satisfying freemium experience plays a key role in making this case.

4. Onboarding- Assign account managers to new customers and set up a post-discovery call to set customer goals. You can also provide time-based support materials like demonstration videos, tutorials and FAQ pages.

5. Adoption- Provide content like how-to videos and webinars to targets your core, answer their questions and discusses the features according to their use case.

6. Renewal- Efforts to promote renewal should begin early as much as six months before the expiration. These may include setting up email drip campaigns to promote autorenewal, reviewing accounts to evaluate and ensure return on investment, tracking customer health score and flagging at-risk accounts for intervention.
Don’t forget to send surveys and request for testimonials.

7. Expansion and Growth- Track feature usage to identify which advanced features might be relevant to customers. Also extend customized cross-sell and upsell offers to customers based on their purchase, usage history and needs

8. Loyalty and Advocacy: Tracking NPS and offer incentive to bring in new customers. Provide a community where customers can share their experiences with others such as Trustpilot, G2 and Trustradius.

What we learned after reading the piece: Today’s customer journey map replaces the traditional image of a sales funnel with a flywheel which includes the entire pre-sales and post-sales range of your customer’s experience.

Deliver value at each step in the process to promote consistently satisfying experience throughout customers’ experience of your brand, encouraging greater customer retention and brand advocacy.

Our thoughts: We believe that instead of showcasing the product we should be more focused on the needs of customers. Sure your product can conquer the world but can it conquer the customer’s problems?


Ann Lopez, created a dashboard to help ed-tech job seekers get more visibility with recruiters and companies.

Feel share or pass it along to anyone that may benefit from it.

Edtech Dashboard

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