#12: From the dramatic change from CX to UX to Product-Focused Afterthoughts

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss how customers are using products much earlier in their journey, causing overlaps in CX & Customer Education’s Role in Customer Success.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Andrew Jones, Product manager & Former industry analyst, discusses how CX is taking over UX. (Source: Medium)

What is it about: The article talks about how majority of the customer journey is taking place inside the product, leading towards a product-led customer journey. Later on Andrew explains what technologies are fueling this change & how companies can incorporate elements from various categories like User Insight, Digital Adoption, Usability & Design.

What we learned after reading the piece: In the product-led customer journey, the product experience has to be compelling enough to lead to conversion, retention, and growth on its own & the only way to do it is by incorporating both UX and CX. To attain this overlap, marketing, sales, support, and product teams need to work more closely together.

Most of the Digital Customer Experience platforms are still focused on the customer journey outside of the product as there is negligible connection of customer satisfaction & product experience.

Our thoughts: Integrating both Customer Experience & User Experience while using the product will open the doors for the companies to get more data in their feedback loop & ultimately better adoption rates & reduces churns. The teams who used to measure analytics in terms of customer satisfaction, need to figure out ways to address the gap of getting the data from the product experience from customers.


Best Listens of the week

⌗1.Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Growth Expert talks to Adam Avramescu, Director of Enterprise Customer Learning and Enablement at Slack about his experiences in the early days of the Customer Success industry & how COVID-19’s “been like five years of change and evolution” to the Customer Success market.

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