#11: From why CS will explode to MeetEdgar's educational marketing

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss why CS will be the next vertical to explode in SaaS solutions and how MeetEdgar used customer education to strengthen its marketing.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Eugene Lee, Investor at OMERS venture, shares why he feels Customer Success as a vertical will blow up next in SaaS. (Source: Medium)

What is it about: The article starts with how we’ve built software to get us customers in the door but now we need software that helps us keep them before they move onto the next door. It also talks about the evolution of this field and what the future holds for it.

What we learned after reading the piece: As more tools focus on the customer and their success, we will see more alignment across the org on building the right product, the right company for the right customer.

Earlier waves of B2B SaaS tools focused on the sales stack. Teams started to use Gong for conversational intelligence, Highspot for sales enablement, Outreach for engagement, WorkRamp for sales training and Klue for competitive intelligence.

Now that the customer acquisition funnel has been optimized, CS teams are the ones who have the opportunity to engage the customer throughout their journey. Whether it’s running an adoption campaign or customer education program, all of these customer success driven activities build towards happier customers that want to use your product more.

So we’re already seeing great strides with Catalyst and Nuffsaid for CSM platforms, WorkRamp or Skilljar for customer education, Cast.app and Appcues for onboarding, Acquire and Forethought for support, Commsor and Orbit for community

Our thoughts: The conversation around educating and getting your customers success should be seen as an investment. Because it’s much easier to get your existing customers to grow instead of acuiring new ones. Customer Education is the gamechanger that will make your funnel into a loop. It will make customers your advocates and selling will get that much easier. As more companies realise this more will ask for tools to make their job easier.


Best Listens of the week

⌗1. David Abrams, Co-founder at Demio talks to Megan McMullin, Outreach Lead at MeetEdgar about how MeetEdgar has built its marketing strategy around customer education and stories. 

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