#10: From product adoption curve to CIO's outlook

In this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation, we discuss the product adoption curve which is a framework for strong product positioning and CIOs think about recent digital transformation.

Best Reads of the week

⌗1. Eric Keating, VP Marketing at Appcues, shows a framework around product adoption curve. (Source: Appcues Blog)

What is it about: The piece talks about 5 phases of product and how to tackle them.

  • Phase 1: Innovators. The first round of beta testers just want to explore out of curiosity.

  • Phase 2: Early Adopters. These risk averse beta testers have a direct need for which they are willing to pay you a premium.

  • Phase 3: Early Majority. The first big chunk’s primary objective is finding practical solutions to their pain points.

  • Phase 4: Late Majority. This group adopts a new product out of necessity, not curiosity.

  • Phase 5: Laggards. They ery resistant to change but the primary reason for them to adopt you is that not doing so would make things difficult for them.

What we learned after reading the piece: For innovators it is important to let them know they have gor first dibs. For Early adopters and majority, shed light on practical solutions and features. For the late majority and laggards, show them what their competition is upto and address all doubts head on.

Our thoughts: We highly resonated with the line that “To improve your product positioning strategy and convince people to buy your product, you need to understand how consumers think during each phase of the product adoption curve”. It is important to know what your prospect is looking for and them give them exactly that. What do you think?


⌗2. The CIO outlook 2021 report. (Source: Walkme Blog)

What is it about: The report by Constellation research conducted a survey of one hundred Fortune 500 CIOs on their strategies for 2021 and what these future-focused CIOs are expecting for the year to come.

What we learned after reading the piece:  Two key highlights are

  • 77% of CIOs list automation and AI as key to improving effectiveness of IT.

  • 67% of CIOs say they will become more influential through innovation

Our thoughts: While discussing about CIOs is a bit tangential to customer education but we also believe that like marketing there should be an internal dessimentiation process for CEd’s activities too. Customer enablement is our priority but it shouldn’t overhsadow the enablement of employees.

Hope you enjoyed reading this edition of #NewThingsInCustomerEducation

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